Thursday, 12 November 2009

Best NY view ever!

This is the best view of NY that I have ever seen...By Louis Stettner, Battery Park, N.Y.C. 1980 I simply adore it. This postcard comes from France, was bought in Paris by an American girl, Icalessi, that has been living in France for 12 years, near Montpellier. She is now the n.1 Postcrosser from France! Thanks!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Such a lovely beach can offer Crete, Greece! The lucky person living there is Enyalios, from Chania, Crete. Thanks!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Purple tulips

This is a beautiful delicate picture of tulips, of my favourite colour too! They are from Netherlands of course! Thanks Lotte85 from Oss. She is really good in photograpy too, check out her Flickr: .

Dancing little girls...

This is a lovely photo of young dancers and I love it! Thanks to Tuuli1985, that choosed it for me.She is a beautiful girl from Tallin, Estonia. Cheers!

Monday, 9 November 2009

I love trees!

Let's change country and it's time to thanks lednimedved (Czech for polar bear) from USA, near NY, New Jersey. It is a reprint of an old photo of Parc Monceau, Paris. I hope this tree is still there. It seems to come out from the postcard. I simply love it!

Little feet...

This is a cute card of a child inside a bag (I suppose). Another thanks going to Finland, in Lahti, to Lauray.

My beloved b/w...

This is a photo of the Hurricane Carol, one of my first
best postcards ever received. Many thanks to AKS,
member from Finland that kindly sent it to me.
He is from Tuusula, near Helsinki.

First Postcard...

This is the latest postcard I have received but it is the one that made me think: "Uh, this is wonderful! Let's share it!"
Here you can see some stunning Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights. This postcard was sent by Snowfriend, a member from Finland, living in Helsinki. Thanks!

Good Evening. I have been a Postcrosser for one year and more and I am now thinking of sharing some of the best postcards I have ever received. Firstly, Postcrossing is a nice Website where you can send and receive postcards.

Here you can read the instructions (from

The first step is to request to send a postcard. The website will display (and send you an e-mail) with the address of another member and a Postcard ID (e.g.: US-786). You then mail a postcard to that member.
The member receives the postcard and registers it using the Postcard ID that is on the postcard. At this point, you are eligible to receive a postcard from another user. You are now in line for the next person that requests to send a postcard. Where the postcard comes from is a surprise!

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